вторник, 30 апреля 2013 г.

Здравствуйте, уважаемые читатели нашего блога! Проект Всемирного ОРТ "Chibur", тема которого "История народа через историю семьи и общины", продолжается...
В этом блоге мы продолжили свой рассказ о еврейской истории города Одессы, его замечательных людях и семейной истории, которая нас объединяет в единый народ! 

На страничке "Истории наших друзей" вы найдете истории наших гостей из Metro West Federation, которые посетили нашу школу 08 апреля 2013 года и под руководством участников проекта внесли свой вклад в наш блог. 
На "Странице историка" вы можете прослушать лекции историка-краеведа Анны Мисюк.
Новые семейные истории наших участников вы найдете на странице "Проекты 2013", а работы прошлого года - "Проекты 2012".

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Michael Landau, Peoplehood 2, 38 Generations back in time... The Noda Rav our Greates Grand Father!

My name is Michael Landau and I am from Parsippany, New Jesrey. My family comes from various areas around Eastern Europe and our oldest family member is from Prague. Below is a story on the Rav Noda, Our family oldest known relative and his story! 
Rabbi Yechezkel Landau, the Rav of Prague, was known by the Name of HIS Book Noda B'Yehuda. During his time he was the source par excellence to whom people turned for practical advice, and even until today his name shines like a star in the firmament of Judaism.

My Heritagve - Randi Kleiman Brokman

My name is Randi Kleiman Brokman. I visited Odessa twoyears ago and being here inspired me to findi out more about my family's heritage.  It seems that both my father's parents came from Ukraine, exactly in the path I traveled between Odessa and Kiev.  My father's father Avraham Zeev, came from the shtetl of Tetiev, located 70 miles south west of Kiev.  

My name is Jerry Krivitzky.

My name is Jerry Krivitzky. I am 55 years old. I live in New Jersey in America. 
I have two fathers. One I hardly knew and the other I know very little about. I think it is possible my Krivitzky father's family is from the Ukraine, but I am not sure. It is also possible they are from Minsk in Belarus or Bialystock in Poland. 
I just don't know and there is no one for me to ask.  

My family history - Katia Segre Cohen

My family comes from Florence, Italy.  My father comes from a long line of important Jews in Florence.  His grandmother's father was Marco Treves (1814-1898) shown here as an old man.  The picture to the left is his father as a young man who died in 1834.  Marco was a reknowned architect who designed the main synagogue in Florence (see second picture on the right) in 1872 and previously in 1861 he placed second in the design competition to design the front facade for the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore (known in Italian as the duomo - main cathedral, second picture on the left).  His design is also attached.  He also designed the main Jewish cemetary in Florence where my grandfather (Marco's grandson) is buried.

My heritage- Tanya Linn Simon

My name is Tanya.  My mother, Nina, was born in Prague in 1938 and right after her first birthday Hitler's army marched into Prague.  Her parents, both Jewish, had been busy preparing for this inevitability by arranging for exit visas and their new life in America but they were not prepared for the agony of leaving their parents, sisters and their sisters' families behind.  My grandmother recorded our family's history on  a cassette tape and my sister transcribed the story and then spent many more years researching the story and our complete family geneology.