My name is Lisa Zimmer Lisser.

Hi.  My name is Lisa Zimmer Lisser.  I live in New Jersey.  My father and mother were both born in America.  My father's name is David Arthur Zimmer.  My mother's name is Joan Fellman Zimmer.  My mother's parents, Sarah Siegel Fellman and Harry George Fellman, were also both born in America.  My father's father, Vivienne Emmanuel Zimmer, was born in America, but his mother was born in Wales, England when her parents were emigrating from Lithuania.  My father's mother, Anne Bowman Zimmer, was born in New York, but her father came to New York from Hungary/  Her mother's name was Esther Bowman.  My great grandmother was Rebecca Horowitz Siegel.  She was born in New York, but her father came in the late 1800s with his parents and brothers and sister.  His name was Isidore Horowitz.  When he and his family came to New York, they discovered that the community of Jews in Brooklyn had no one to make matzah for them.  So they began a family matzah business called Horowitz Margareten (Margareten was married to one of the Horowitz sisters, Regina)  matzah company.  It became a very big business for the family and for the Jews in the lower east side and then the rest of America.  My grandfather's great aunt, Regina Margareten, was the matriarch of the family.  She ran the business and was one of the first Jewish women to be in charge of a successful business like this.

My father's mother was from a family of teachers, the Bowman family.  Her father and mother both spoke Yiddish and her father was a Hebrew school teacher for children.  They valued learning and valued their children's education.  Even my grandmother, Anne Zimmer, studied and was educated.  She was an opera singer and a teacher.  She even chanted a Torah blessing at my daughter's bat mitzvah.  My grandparents were also great Zionists.  They traveled to Israel to visit in the 1950s and 1960s. It was that important to them.  My parents first traveled to Israel in 1978 when we traveled to Israel for my bat mitzvah.  It was my first trip too.

My father's mother and my mother's father were cousins.  They had the same grandparents, even though they came to America at different times.

I have two sisters.  One of my sisters is my identical twin sister.  We both love Israel and being Jewish.  My other sister also loves Israel and wishes she looked like us!

I have two daughters, Cara is 14 1/2 and Jessica is 12.  I have a son as well, Noah.  He is 17.  All of my children have traveled to Israel several times.  They feel like Israel is a second home.  They especially like visiting friends in Israel.  Both my son and daughter Cara have become bar and bat mitzvah.  My younger daughter Jessica will become bat mitzvah next year.